Team Fact 10

Our Business Development Executive enjoys playing tennis on the weekends. He managed and developed hundreds of accounts from mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies.

Team Fact 9

Our Project Manager spends a lot of personal time giving back to the community by speaking to troubled teens and young adults. He helped his former telecom company grow from 3 to 14 employees deploying million dollar 4-carrier DAS projects in a year.​

Team Fact 8

Our Project Coordinator once ate well over 2 and a half gallons of ice cream in one sitting during a competitive eating contest. He remains to this day the only person to have ever completed the Miss Mammie’s Ice Cream Challenge. Before entering into the RF field, he was also a published philosopher having written research papers and given academic lectures on Strong A.I. and the effects of technology on societal health.

Team Fact 11

Our Director of Sales once caught a 350LB Blue Marlin while deep sea fishing in the Outer Banks. He has been ingrained in the wireless industry for over five years and in sales for over a decade.

Team Fact 7

Our Director of Sales is a long-time beer enthusiast and aspiring home brewer. He has contracted millions of dollars’ worth of business with Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, and the federal government.

Team Fact 6

Our Head of Legal has been a life-long sports memorabilia collector. He entered telecom law immediately after graduating law school.

Team Fact 5

Our Head of Operations challenged a bull while living on a farm in rural Missouri. He has deployed a 400-antenna town-wide wireless network.

Team Fact 4

Our Head of Engineering has lived in 5 continents, and was one of the first DAS engineers hired at the largest tower company in the U.S.

Team Fact 3

One of our Technicians migrated here from Guatemala at 12. He managed the deployment of a 4-carrier DAS at a Fortune 100 company.

Team Fact 2

Our Community Manager has backpacked through 45 countries. She worked on a social media campaign that accumulated over 2.2 million followers.