Tens of thousands of fans bring their mobile devices to games, concerts and events. All too often they have to deal with slow networks, if they are able to connect at all. The reason? Cell towers that typically cover this geographical area have reached a point of overcapacity. Once this happens to a cell tower, the local network becomes lagged and even inoperable.


A robust wireless infrastructure is needed to offload data traffic to more scalable wireless solutions, while also leading to new features and capabilities for the venue. Wave Wireless can provide your sports and entertainment venue with a network boost, additional capacity, and provide monetizing opportunities to expose untapped revenue through our robust wireless solution.

Today, 96% of consumers use smartphones instead of landlines. Implementing a robust cellular enhancement system on venue sites is the only way to guarantee high-quality indoor wireless service.

Mission critical Public Safety DAS networks are put in place to safeguard the lives of first responders as well sports and concert goers. A Public Safety DAS is a requirement in most states nationwide and is often needed for venues to receive their certificate of occupancy.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), more devices will need the ability to collect and exchange data through Wi-Fi networks. A robust Commercial Wi-Fi network is essential for the demand, profitability, and prosperity of your sports or entertainment venue.

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  • Small Cells: A critical element in the mobile systems

      Under the strains from more clients, more gadgets, and more applications, mobile networks have increasingly needed to transport higher traffic loads. This has been putting ample stress on the present framework and disappointing endorsers when they can’t utilize the services they have paid for. The increase in rush hour gridlock load will not only augment over the coming years, but it is also significantly changing how mobile operators plan, send and operate mobile systems, and charge for access. Small […]

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