DAS Worldwide Changes Name to Wave Wireless; Launches New Brand and Logo

WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired – Jul 13, 2017) – DAS Worldwide, a wireless infrastructure provider serving building owners and managers, today announced the company has rebranded itself as Wave Wireless. The rebranding marks the company’s increasing presence in the high-growth wireless infrastructure market and its vision for the future.

Is Wi-Fi sufficient for your enterprise needs?

It goes without saying that gone are the days for Wired connections. Sure, they’re necessary infrastructure to even get the services delivered in the first place – but as far as consumers are concerned, nobody likes being held hostage in one place by the wires and cables.

Five steps of IBW implementation

Let’s get this one straight: humans are like aquatic creatures – highly fluid and mobile. Tying ourselves at a desk or a location for work (or not) doesn’t cut it anymore. This is clearly depicted in a way mobile devices have become our preferred means of communication, and gone are the days when we used to ‘call a place’ – now we ‘call a person’! There’s been a significant shift on the cell phone usage pattern too. Mobile phones used […]

So you’re ready for the IBW project. Let’s put some options on the table..

We’ve all been witnessing the way today’s enterprise workforce has been changing and evolving beyond imaginations over the recent years. We’ve all been a part of it! Part of the crowd that’s getting more crowded by the day. Number of connected devices are through the roof, and the type of applications that run on these devices are getting increasingly bandwidth-hungry.