Take your wireless network to the next level — Wave Wireless provides the most secure and reliable networks to meet the rapidly growing demands of buildings and public venues. Our innovative solutions maximize your network’s potential. Wave Wireless: Unleashed Connectivity.

Our Services

Wave Wireless is a leading wireless infrastructure provider that designs, builds and manages indoor wireless networks. We have installed next generation Wi-Fi, public safety and cellular distributed antenna systems (DAS) in locations around Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, and California. With clients ranging from commercial real estate developers to government organizations, we consistently provide cutting-edge solutions to meet each client’s wireless needs.


Wave Wireless builds public safety networks that support emergency first responders throughout the country and has extensive experience working with municipalities to ensure these mandated networks are compliant with federal, state and local code. Additionally, we design and build indoor cellular networks used by major carriers (e.g., AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint) and work closely with carriers to coordinate and deploy essential mobile services. Wave Wireless also deploys next generation Wi-Fi networks that support residential tenants, hotel guests and business enterprises. Understanding the nuances of each network type allows Wave Wireless to optimize network performance and deliver high-quality, specialized services to its clients.

Our Mission

With a team of dedicated licensed professionals and industry experience, Wave Wireless recognizes each customer’s needs and network requirements. Wave Wireless is a trusted provider that ensures its clients receive unparalleled support throughout the network implementation process and ultimately lead to a successful network launch. We provide a customer-centric, personalized approach to meet our mission of providing secure and reliable networks.


Wave Wireless is more than a wireless network integrator. We educate our clients about the diverse opportunities of network ownership and help them realize new revenue prospects associated with ownership. As industry leaders and innovators, Wave Wireless guides clients on how to be adaptable to the constantly evolving wireless landscape, while maintaining up-to-date knowledge of industry trends. Whether it is planning for 5G services or leveraging your network to support an Internet of Things (“IoT”) environment, Wave Wireless is your go-to wireless resource.

Our Vision

Each network type offers unique opportunities to building owners to leverage the wireless network infrastructure and capabilities to create additional sources of revenue by maximizing their network potential.


Wave Wireless understands that a return on investment for network owners can be difficult. The traditional revenue model for indoor wireless networks effectively precludes the network owner from realizing any ongoing profits. By analyzing an individual network and wireless environment, Wave Wireless can develop new monetizing opportunities for business owners to generate untapped revenue from their network. In addition to continuing to build reliable and innovative wireless networks for its clients, Wave Wireless is dedicated to being a leader in transforming the way owners maximize their wireless network potential and implement creative monetization opportunities.