In-Building Wireless (IBW) does not only boost your cellular signals. They also boost your property’s value.

When we feel welcomed as a guest, we hang around. When we feel loved and wanted as a partner, we stay.  When we feel appreciated at work, we give more. When we feel rather productive as tenants, we’re more likely to renew our leases.

Renting a place is not only about getting a shelter, or having gas and electricity, or good trash and sewerage systems. Not any more.

Just like getting a cell phone is no longer simply about an ability to make calls – renting a place is more than just about having roof over our heads. When tenants shop for apartments to rent, they’re now looking for top-notch amenities, patios and pools, around-the-clock security, roof terraces, gymnasiums. And property developers are fighting the war to put out the properties with anything that adds an extra oomph in the property’s appeal.

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