Music City Center – Nashville, TN – Turn on their DAS

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – AT&T is doing its part to meet the growing demand for wireless service in downtown Nashville.

AT&T has completed the installation of a new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at the Music City Center. The system includes more than 300 strategically placed antennas, and more than 35,000 linear feet of fiber that distribute the wireless coverage evenly throughout the building.

“We are investing in Nashville,” said Cathy Lewandowski, Public Relations Manager for AT&T. “You need that added enhancement to provide seamless wireless network coverage, so a Distributed Antenna System solves the problem.”

The antennas are hidden in ceilings and walls so the technology blends in with the décor of the Music City Center.

Lewandowski said as Nashville grows and mobile use increases, technology upgrades are necessary. AT&T customers should notice immediate improvements while using their mobile devices in the Music City Center.

“Think of 40,000 people using their device at once, texting, talking, and using the internet,” said Lewandowski. “It will be seamless and lightning fast.”

AT&T completed similar upgrades at LP Field and Bridgestone Arena last year.

The system in the Music City Center is set up so other wireless providers can also connect to it.

Currently, AT&T is the only company in the building, but others are expected to follow.

The DAS is part of AT&T’s nationwide Project VIP to upgrade wireless coverage in cities across the country. The company also just rolled out a new advertising campaign focusing on the technology.


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