1st Ever DAS Deployed in Philippines

Globe Telecom has deployed outdoor distributed antenna system (ODAS) to offer better mobile phone signal for its subscribers.

Outdoor distributed antenna system is an alternative to towering cell sites. The ODAS solution makes use of a specialized lamp posts built with radio signal transmission capability, bringing unparalleled telecom service for its subscribers in strategic areas.

Globe Telecom has become the first mobile operator in the Philippines to deploy outdoor distributed antenna system.

Small cells, carrier Wi-Fi, DAS and Cloud RAN infrastructure investments will account for a $42 billion HetNet ecosystem by 2020, according to Signals and Systems Telecom.

Small cells and carrier Wi-Fi deployments are expected to carry more than 60 percent of all mobile network data traffic by 2020, which will account for $352 billion in mobile data service revenue.

Globe Telecom has earlier earmarked $650 million as Capex (capital expenditure) for 2013.

“The ODAS technology effectively brings coverage much closer to residents through the installation of lamp posts deployed along sidewalks. These facilities deepen mobile coverage by bringing radio signal closer to end-users,” said Emmanuel Estrada, Globe Head of Network Technologies Strategy.

The ODAS solution supports all frequency bands used by wireless carriers, including LTE technology, providing stronger support for mobile data services.

The ODAS technology enhances user experience by providing stronger mobile phone coverage and higher bandwidth with the reliability of a conventional cell site.

The ODAS solution uses fiber-optic cables to distribute a base station’s signals to multiple low power active antenna systems installed in nominal locations inside residential subdivisions.

Besides offering better signal, ODAS solutions provide an alternative and efficient lighting system as Globe Telecom strives to provide value-added services to the communities.

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