Recently adopted federal, state and local fire codes are mandating wireless public safety DAS networks be installed in new buildings nationwide. These networks allow first responders to communicate with their team during times of emergency.


Wireless communication is no longer a convenience, but a necessity with the way we live, work and interact today. Business developers face constant pressure to provide reliable wireless networks for future tenants, employees, and clients. With any new building project, property owners should take wireless and client needs into account even before construction begins.


New construction sites have unique environments with challenges and risks. Wave Wireless can help your building meet codes for occupancy, exceed tenant demands and help you meet client needs by providing reliable wireless coverage.

Today, 96% of consumers use smartphones instead of landlines. Implementing a robust cellular enhancement system is the best way to guarantee high-quality indoor wireless service.

A Public Safety DAS is a requirement in most states nationwide and are often needed for a new building to receive their certificate of occupancy. These systems provide first responders with clear and reliable communication when they need it the most, ensuring everyone is as safe as possible.  

Commercial grade Wi-Fi offers building operators substantial upgrades in reliability, cloud management, and traffic analysis. Commercial Wi-Fi is the most cost-effective solution, and can run simultaneous connections on all applications.

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