Director of Sales – West Coast

Director of Sales – West Coast (DAS, Small Cells, WiFi) As the Director of Sales for Wave Wireless, you will be responsible for implementing a sales strategy to maximize profitability and drive revenue growth within the west coast marketplace. The ideal candidate will attend key events around southern CA to generate leads and build the company brand. The candidate should be energetic, persuasive, well organized, and have a proven track record in sales. Located in Los Angeles, CA Minimum 3-5 […]

Wave Wireless is Moving!

We are excited to announce that the Wave Wireless team will move to a new location in Navy Yard on September 4, 2018. Our new address is 80 M ST SE, Washington DC 20003. We’ve spent the past few years in Dupont Circle, and we’ve definitely made some amazing memories here, but we’re excited for our new office space! Our new office is located right in the middle of the action in Navy Yard, and we can actually see some […]

Construction Project Manager – Small Cell/Distributed Antenna System/Wi-Fi

Job description Manage regional network projects related to distributed antenna system (DAS) installations, new builds, small cells and existing system upgrades. Manage construction from initial site design through completed drawings including drawing review taking into account civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical feasibility; value engineering, zoning, Phase 1/2 environmental, certification, signoff, and change orders. Manage construction activities related to the development of multiple, simultaneous Network infrastructure projects including; RFQ or RFP process, Contract process, Sealed bid, Distributing bid packages, Coordinating bid […]

Understanding DAS. Active vs. Passive

RF signals degrade as they pass through the structural elements of buildings, contributing to the development of areas known as dead zones. These are areas where there is little or no wireless coverage what so ever. This means that developers and building owners must find ways to overcome this challenge and provide strong and reliable signal strength throughout the building and in turn maximize the performance of devices connected to the network. A good start would be determining exactly where […]

Public safety and its relationship to DAS

As more people join the wireless spectrum, communication speeds have begun to drop and frustration amongst users is rapidly increasing. You will notice this happening at sporting events, concerts and large conferences, where large amounts of people are trying to access their cellular providers network (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile) at the same time. Campuses and Universities are experiencing this problem at a much greater rate, as slow data speeds and drop cell phone calls, occur more frequently due to the […]

What causes poor wireless coverage

Our dependence on wireless coverage has brought up new issues for the wireless industry. The growing number of users and devices per person has had a drastic impact on coverage and connection speeds. Integrators of wireless communications as well as cellular providers are struggling to keep up with capacity issues and are constantly trying to determine solutions to fixing weak coverage. Coverage gaps and a lack of bandwidth, affect our ability to communicate efficiently and safely. If you have ever […]

Wireless coverage and its relationship to DAS

There is no doubt that people have a deep-rooted desire to stay connected. They want the ability to access information at all times, no matter where they are. With a rising global population and 6 billion mobile subscriptions (according to U.N. Telecom Agency Report), cell phones drove the past growth of wireless systems. In order to meet the needs of the population, major strides in telecommunication infrastructure had to be made. Just as cell phones were responsible for the growth […]

Our dependance on wireless coverage

In my previous post we explored the growth of wireless and how demand and capacity issues have caused the industry to rapidly evolve. Naturally, that sparked my interest to explore our dependence on wireless coverage and our necessity to stay connected. Every day we walk around with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, often connected to multiple devices at one time. According to a poll the ‘TIMES’ carried out, 84% of respondents worldwide claimed that they could not go a single day […]

Small cell market will tie with DAS by 2016

The enterprise small cell market is currently only one-third of the major DAS (distributed antenna systems) market today. This figure is however going to increase in the next few years, with the growing popularity of small cells as a coverage option for SMEs. Analysts from ABI research say small cells could tie with DAS by 2016. Both DAS and Enterprise small cell equipment will reach the $2 billion mark by 2016. Both markets are growing at a steady pace and […]